Problem with prints

My form1+ has recently arrived and I’m having a few troubles which I presume are completely on my side due to the lack of knowledge about supports and positioning.

This is how the part looks on preform:

The part is hollowed, and has a drain hole. It came out alright except for a small section.

I’m assuming that a lack of proper support on the area is responsible but maybe there’s something else I’m missing. I looked at the part and internal pressure shouldn’t be an issue. Maybe the position wasn’t optimal either.

Is there any advice you could give me?
Thanks in advance.


First off, the drain hole in the top of the head is unnecessary. That hole does not exist until the very last layers of the print. The hollow in the shoulders is the ‘drain hole’ here, so internal pressure is not the issue.

How thin are the walls? Is there any supports inside the head? Is it possible to upload the .form file that we can take a look?
Thank you for providing good pictures right off the bat :+1:

Hi Paul.
It has 2mm thick walls with only a few supports inside.
Here’s the form file:

Thanks for the answer.

I think you have two things going on, both previously mentioned. 2mm walls may be too thin, and so few supports isn’t helping matters. Depending on how much time you have, and how much resin you feel like wasting, you could do one change at a time, and have a deterministic fix.

Me, I’d attack both possibilities at once, see what happens.

I’d also do a quick check of the big mirror for dust. Rigorous hygiene avoids bad surprises.

Good luck!

Now, its plausible that there is dust or something on your mirrors, but this might just be caused by a lack of supports. When I auto generated using your orientation, it provided significantly more points:

This is probably overkill, but certainly better than not printing.

Looks like @Rob_Steinberg beat me to most of that!

I noticed it looks like you’ve got your part oriented with the smallest supports on the hinge side of the printer. If you reverse that so that the tallest supports are on the hinge side I think you’ll get better results as well.

Another thought. You may try tipping it forward to let the walls support themselves more:

I don’t know how far you could get before things like the chin/nose/hair start needing support, which would be a huge pain to clean up on the face.

Thanks everyone, I’m starting to better understand the process.

@Rob_Steinberg What would you say is a good wall with for a piece like this one?

@Anthony_Huczek and @Paul_Schommer I’ll take that into account for the next print.

Thank you all. We’ll see how the next print comes out.


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