More misery from my form1+

My form1+ experience has been an expensive joke. Sometimes it prints, sometimes for no apparent reason it does not. Sometimes I was an entire bottle of resin and a tray with failures, expensive failures.
Like now, after good prints with flexible resin, I switched to a new tray, platform and new white resin bottle and … failure after failure. The tray coating getting opaque from failures and resin being wasted. Another expensive waste bin.

The print base is good and it starts well, but no matter ho big I make the tips, of dense the supports or near/far tune the tray, the print always falls off in peeling and stay on the tray. This is horrible.
And the new supports, thinner … they are even worse! When will they ever understand they should gove us the OPTION to select the support thickness???

If you have never cleaned the mirrors on your Form1, you should. The mirrors are the Form1’s Achilles Heel. Even in a dust free environment the mirrors will slowly haze over from “volatile organic compounds”, the chemicals the constantly outgas from objects in our every day environment like Carpeting. Slowly but surely, no matter how careful you are, the mirrors in your Form1 will start to haze and need to be cleaned. It’s why the Form2 has a sealed optical deck.

Done that as well. I changed bottle and tray and it now prints ok. This is annoying, it happens way too often to get a bogus tray or bottle. The problem is that I hate this printer, but when i see a good print I am always in awe.

I made a form fitting “sock”, a cover, out of painting tarp material. It’s on the printer whenever it doesn’t have to be off the printer. So it’s rarely not on the printer. The first time I had to clean my mirrors was after about 6 months of printing. I made the cover then, and it’s been close to a year now and the printer is still printing great (although I haven’t used it in the last month and a half since I got my Form2…

What kind of failures are you getting? If the print is coming off the platform it could possibly improved with some Z-axis adjustments, if it’s getting holes in the prints then it would be something else.

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