Failing prints

And the inevitable has come to pass. Honeymoon over; time to face the music. Form 1+ started to fail prints. Strangely enough, it seems to fail them at every large, hollow area.

Quick question. From what I’ve read: my first stop is cleaning the mirror below: Is it a requirement to open a support ticket before cleaning? I’ve got the one pec-pad that came with the printer.

Or any other ideas?

First, lets answer the simple question: Do you have a ventilation hole in the hollow part? If no; vacuum explosion/implosion would be the probable reason.

yeah, I’m afraid that’s a pitfall I managed to avoid, both had several drain and pressure holes.

Alright, that would have been the easy solution.

inspecting the mirror and cleaning the mirror can be done via the support pages:

Note: the micro-fiber cloth that came with the printer is NOT a pec-pad! Check google where to order them in your country!

For further cleaning of mirrors you’ll need to open a support ticket.

Btw, at what layer height did you print the objects? I assume you mixed the resin properly before printing as well? as yoú’ve been away on your honeymoon (congratulations btw :slight_smile: )

HAHAHA What I meant with Honeymoon; is honeymoon with the printer. Everything is perfect, until problems begin! :smiley:

Oh I know a microfiber is not a pec pad, but mine came with a pec pad! I suppose they revised that. It does say “PLEASE DO NOT CLEAN WITHOUT A SUPPORT TICKET”

Layer height: Medium. (is that what you meant?) I did mix it well.

I’d recommend you reach out to support, as they can carefully guide you through the mirror cleaning process. The first surface mirrors are rather delicate, and they can be easily damaged if not cleaned properly.

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After checking the mirror I noticed some very fine dust. Blew it away for a mirror that looks completely clear.

Hopeful, I tried again. No luck, once more. It seems to me the print always fails whenever there is a certain amount of work involved, as small prints come out fine. I believe I’ll call support now (running the test print now)

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