Failed Prints White Resin


My Printer is a Form 1 Upgrade to Form 1+

A few days ago everything was fine. But the last 10 prints have been unsuccessful.

I think the Resin tank and the Dirty Mirror tank is one of the reason.

1.I Upgrade the software and the Firmware to the last vesion in the Formlabs website.

2.All the prints leave a big Layer of hard Resin punch to Resin tank.

3.Just print the supports, but not the models.

How do you recommended clean the mirror?


PLEASE HELP ME…I was spent 4 bottles in Failed prints :’( :’( :’( :’(

And Sorry for my Bad English!! :blush:

It almost looks like you have a plastic foil on the mirror …

DO NOT USE COMPRESSED AIR; residu/grease might splash on the mirror making it even more dirty. I’d stick to pec pads with IPA and dry pec pads afterwards. Don’t forget to shine a bright torch on the mirror (from different angles). It’ll help to see if you’ve missed some spots.

This should do the trick. don’t forget to wipe the bottom of the resin tank with ipa and pec pads as well, as dust on the tank might block the laser from curing the resin as well. Don’t touch the orange parts with IPA as the acrylic doesn’t like IPA that much!. the clear bottom of the tank is fine with IPA.!

In case this doesn’t help your cause, open a support ticket and the support team will assist you in cleaning your small mirror and galvo mirrors. Looking at your large mirror i’m guessing these might need a good clean as well!

Good luck


Is that Formlabs resin? I’ve had some of the same issues with other manufacturers resins.

The mirror does look a little dirty but I don’t think that’s the whole problem.

That mirror haze is ridiculous. When using the PEC pads/IPA you MUST go very slowly. The FormLabs instructions say 30 seconds per swipe. You could even go slower.

Also, be sure you have mixed the resin VERY well. There can be no pigment stuck to the bottom of the tray. I had the same problem with grey resin, and scraping the bottom of the tray very well solved my problem.

I would lean towards cleaning the mirrors as well looks like there is an oil sheen on them… maybe from a compressed air can. Use IPA and PEC PADs per Formlabs cleaning instructions. Be sure to buy an air bulb or air blaster to blow dust particles off the mirrors.

Do you mix the resin in the tank just before you start a print? This is very important especially when you have added additional resin. I use a plastic 3" putty knife to mix the resin in the tank being sure to make even contact with the bottom of the tank as I pull it across the tank bottom. Never push any putty knife across the tank, always pull. I do this in a number of directions and always work the width of that direction so I get a good mix. I use only Grey V2 and have little to no issues having gone through almost 3 liters of the resin so far.

  • Walt

Further question: Why is your Resin Tank CLEAR? I thought all resin tanks were orange to protect from light.

the Form 1+ tanks are orange the original Form 1 tanks i think are clear from what i have been seeing on here.

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Hi to everyboy,

Thanks for everyone trying to help. I really appreciate

After Every job the printer leave a Layer of Hard Resin in the Tank…Is very hard to remove :’(

Today, one hour ago i tried to make another test print. And this was the result:

Yes, @Fred_Baumgartner Is a FormLabs Resin.

Hi, @Walter_Gillespie

Yes i Mixed the resin in tank just before start every new print.

And the answer to your other question is: Yes, This tank is FormLabs Tank.
I Have 2 Resin Tanks, One Orange and One Clear.



Have you tried cleaning the main mirror at least?

I have the best results with glass cleaner
for the mirror

with which layer height you print in white

I had this happen a few times with one of my models, seems that when the density of the supports is less than 8 or 9 my print fails. Don’t know if this helps but this has been my experience so far.

Hi @Roberto_Moreno
Have you opened a support ticket yet?
The large mirror can be cleaned with IPA and PEC*PADs we would be happy to send you the instructions.
The underside of the resin tank should be cleaned with novus 1 plastic polish.

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