Form 1+ prints failure

Hello guys,
i’m an italian boy. sorry for my english, but I hope you can help me!
I’ve got a Form 1+ printer. It has always print very well, but lasto month it prints failure.
The model remains glued on the tank. I try to correct Z position with Fine Tuning (over -0,4mm) but the problem remains.
Last week I open the printer and correct the tank position with four screw on the bottom.
I just printed only 1 model and than stopped working.
Some advice?
I use clear resin, brand new tank, the mirror are clean.

I first would open a support ticket. The screws that I think you adjusted aren’t supposed to be adjusted. The machine is calibrated with the Z position with the vat height.

Can you tell us what resin and post up some pics. It may help get the troubleshooting process going.

I have the same problem with all resins.
Today I print with clear resin. The bottle it’s brand new.
I take some pict when i’m going to work.

Pics of the model in Preform to show us the orientation and support structure may help us.

From the pic, it does look like the model you are trying to print is rather small. Can you also post a pic of your build platform aluminum surface.

What procedure did you follow to clean your mirrors?

I clean mirror from dust with microfiber towel. It’s now clean.
I have not save the layout…but i can recreate it… please wait a moment

If you haven’t opened a support ticket, I would open one while we try to assist you. They can provide the procedure for cleaning both the main mirror as well as the small mirror. Even though a microfiber towel may seem like a safe alternative to Pec Pads, I am not sure they are the best option.

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