Need some help with continuous print failures

For some reason my printer started giving me fail prints, so first I cleaned my mirror with dust off and also cleaned it with lens clear.
After I cleaning them I used two tanks to do a test print to see whether the problem is because of the tank or the printer itself.
One tank was filled with clear and the other filled with white. However, both of the tanks gave me fail prints with little support or support but with a thin layer of print.
Before this problem started, I was printing objects with white material and it gave me exactly what I wanted with fine details.
But when I started to print my 15th print, it completely failed. I’ve been printing it from Friday night to Monday night, I cleaned the material from time to time just to make sure there aren’t any impurities in the white material tank,
but as I tried printing more prints the results slowly got worse.

So I submitted a ticket to formlabs on Nov. 29 and I got a reply on Monday that suggested me to clean the big mirror with PEC PAD.
As of today, I’ve sent out two more emails following up about my problem but I am still waiting for a second reply.

After I clean up big mirror, I did one test print, and this is the result.
It is better but there is still some part that is missing or sort of mess up.
I order new tanks from formlabs and it had arrived couple days ago,
so I did another print with the same file as I used for the test print,
this time it was with brand new tank with white resin and cleaned big mirror with PEC PAD and Nouvus 1 as suggested.
Unfortunately It still gives me fail print.

I have cleaned the big mirror again but my printer was still giving me failed prints.
So I tried to print with another tank with black resin and the result was even worse, there was nothing even printed on the platform.

What should I do? Could this be a problem with the laser beam?

And for some reason on all the tanks I’ve used to print, the top left corner of the tank starts breaking. Does this also happen to you guys as well?

The breakage of the corner of the tank is recognisable! I have that as well. It always seems to be the same corner as well :P. It doesn’t affect the print though, so no worries.

Regarding your print, have you tried printing it at an angle? This reduces the peel forces on the model drastically! A print like this can easily be printed at an angle of 70 o 80 degrees (X or Y angle)

Try a laser spot test. From your pictures it looks like a problem with the beam.

you didn’t put the novuus 1 on the mirror did you?

Hey Ben! I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues with your printer. I just wanted to jump in and see if I can clear some things up.

The mirrors should be cleaned only with PEC-PADs and IPA. Novus 1 is an acrylic cleaning solution and is meant for the bottom of the resin tank. I see we’re shipping you a replacement mirror, though, so that should fix any issues with your large mirror that are going on.

These are the same issues I’m having. What course of action did FL take? Did they ship a replacement or did the large mirror replacement work out? Third form1+ machine - LASER FAIL! I am about to jump!

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So far, prints are getting better after replaced a new large mirror.
As right now, there are still some defects, but it could cost by many possible issues,
I am still testing things out.