Print failed

i write this post because i’ve a lot of terrible print. my last 20 print are in the dumpster.

i don’t understand the cause of this.

i hope in your help, thank you.

Have had similar problems. Since I got the Form 1+, every time has been due to dirty mirrors. Main and galvo. There have been times when I could not see anything on the mirrors but cleaned them anyway and the problem went away. So now at the first sign of trouble, I clean the mirrors!

hi, thank you for the reply.

i clean the mirror a lot of times but i don’t solve the problem… i try another time …

thank you

Did you clean the galvo mirrors? You have to take the cover off to do that. You may have to open a ticket to get instructions on how to do that.

Here are instructions on how to clean the main mirror.

no, i’ve cleaned the large mirror

how do i clean the galvo mirror?

You will have to open a ticket with support. They will send you instructions and give you more help that I can, here is a link.

After cleaning the mirrors you should also drain the resin out of the tank and strain it with a paint filter to take out any pieces floating around. Make sure the tank is clear and PMDS isn’t cloudy.
Galvo mirror are delicate and it is a little tricky to clean the smaller mirror below them.

Also, the mirrors in the Form1 are not like normal mirrors. The metallized layer that generates the reflection is on the front of the glass, not the back. It cannot be cleaned very often before the reflective coating is worn away. If you cleaned the main mirror “many times” it may be that you need to replace it and also clean the Galvo mirrors.

hi,I’m already using a paint filter to filter the resin

Thats good.

Hi, I had a similar problem.
Just cleaning the resin tank and taking (a new ) bottle of resin and it works again.
But mostly the mirrors are clean and the PDMS layer is clean, too. (Tip: empty and clean Your PDMS after each print !)
The main problem seems, that the resin loses liquidity after a while, even in the origin bottle. I tried to solve this with a small amount of IPA (really only some drops) and it worked again, even with a very old portion !

really i print with an old resin but yesterday i clean the thank and i put only new resin but i had the same result. the new resin it’s arrived last week then i think it’s good to print.

Now i open a ticket for the cleaning of the galvo mirror.

Sorry, what is the PDMS ? it’s the platform?

thank you so much

Yep, that’s what I said:
If the mirrors are clean and the PDMs (resin-tank) is clean the reason is that:
mostly the resin is no more liquid enough, using every print a new bottle is really expensive and the bottle’s lifetime is max. 1 year (even if it is original sealed).
So I added some IPA - and it worked
-but don’t use it directly with the PDMS (resin tank) allways use a paint cleaner and a bottle to mix it.
Maybe somebody knows the original solvent of the resin ?

:+1: , now i understand, thank you

i wait the answer of the help ticket for clean the galvo mirror

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