High Temp V2 Supports Keep Failing During Print


  • Form 3
  • Form 3 Resin Tank V2.1 (Brand New)
  • High Temp V2 Resin (Brand New)


  • Form 3 Firmware 1.19.3 (Resin Level Calibration completed prior to printing)
  • PreForm Version 2.34.1

Support Settings

  • Auto-Generated, Full Rafts
  • 1.2 Density
  • 0.7 Touchpoint size (maximum)

Print Settings

  • 0.100mm layer height
  • “Default” High Temp V2 Settings

The initial print had the specimens angled at 45 degrees in order to keep the surface area of each printed layer to a minimum and fit 10 samples on the print bed, shown below:

Every single object failed at the supports, and were cured onto the bottom of the tank.

The second print had the specimens angled at 30 degrees to allow for more support attachment points.

About half of the objects appear to have failed so far (about halfway through the print process)

I have completed 5 successful prints (including using the same objects with less support density and smaller touchpoint sizes) using Tough 2K resin on this Form 3 printer, so I do not believe the printer (optics, bed, etc.) is the issue.

I did not see any specific warnings about how difficult it would be to print with the High Temp V2. Does it require special advanced settings tweaks? If so, what other parameters need to be adjusted to print with the High Temp V2 resin?

have you tried positioning them standing on end & printing them right on the printer plate?? (no supports) I’d also run a cleaning mesh to make sure the bottom of the tank is clear of debris prior

The first failed print was the very first use of the tank and the resin, so there should not have been any debris in it. Prior to beginning the second print, all objects were removed from the resin (since they failed early they were cured as solid rectangles on the tank bed). The uncured resin is clear so it is easy to see where cured resin pieces are.

Unfortunately the objects have relatively thin cross-sections so standing them on end would likely result in detachment. I have sent FormLabs the diagnostic logs to check what may be causing failed prints with the High Temp resin. Every single print with Tough 2K on this printer (both before trying with High Temp V2, and after) has been successful with absolutely no detached supports or warped features.

Thinking back, I recall a having a similar issue with Tough V5, but the solution
ended up being that I tried various sizes of the touch-points, til I got the right size
which ended being much larger than I anticipated.

Unfortunately I had already maxed out the software limit for touchpoint sizes on the High Temp V2 (it’s set to 0.7mm) and I had printed with a relatively high density of support points (1.2), but I will be trying with a new bed and cartridge our lab just received to see if that resolves the issue.

Auto-generation will offer alternative solutions if the button is pressed repeatedly.

Those parts look thick enough to print vertically on the build plate.

If that fails try reorientating them so that the lowest point is a corner.

I would also suggest that you print one item at a time when doing tests.

I have successfully printed the traction test probes of HighTemp V2 resin on Form 3+ with latest firmare, Preform 3.24.1
Density 1.0, Touchpoint size 0.35 mm
Probe orientation : almost vertical

Job0026_1A Traction Probe HighTemp V2 8204 025 2803 ISO527-2.form (1.5 MB)