All High Temperature Resin Prints Failing


I’ve been printing with the Form 3 for a year now, using only standard grey resin (V4). I’ve only had one failed print, and that was because I forgot to remove the prior print. Otherwise, I’ve had only success and great-quality parts.

I just bought a brand new tank and high-temp resin and gave it a try. My first five print attempts have all failed. It seems to print the base but fails each time, soon after it begins the supports.

For troubleshooting, I’ve tried:
-Different orientations, number of parts, and resolutions
-Different parts (including “Benchy” the 3D printing standard benchmark boat)
-Cleaning both sides of the optical window cover (though it already seemed very clean to me)
-Placing a box over the printer as a mock enclosure, in case the printer wasn’t maintaining temperature (it’s in a room around 68-72F)

I’ve been in contact with Formlabs support and they advised I clean the optical window cover, which I did. I can’t find a discussion about my issue online and I don’t know what else to try.

(I had a successful grey V4 print after several failed high-temp prints, so whatever the issue is it seems to only be related to the high-temp resin)

Just in case someone else has this issue and finds this post…

The printer logs indicated that the heater and laser power were deficient and Formlabs RMA’d the printer. The replacement printer successfully printing using the high-temperature resin on the first print. It also heats the resin more quickly before the print.

In my case, replacing the printer was the solution.