Form 2 leveling during the print!?

I know there has been a thread about owners having to re level their form 2 after being in the cold…

BUT yesterday I started a print and all was fine, it got to 4% and stopped. I had left the office and assumed I hadn’t opened the cap on the resin tank but got in this morning and it said it wasn’t level and had stopped the print. Clealy the printer hadn’t been move since the start of the print!

I have re levelled it now (according to the printer) and the print came out fine but the resin in the tank looks far from level (it looked fine before).

Anyone else had this??



You should submit a customer support ticket for this kind of issue. Our customer team can get your issue sorted out quickly.

Thanks Criag, i have submitted the ticket.

Just to say the print came out really well and I have printed since and that also came out really well…

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