Question regarding leveling the Form 2

I received my Form2 yesterday, set it up and printed my first test piece and everything worked perfectly well and I am very happy.
Today I came out to the shop and turned on the machine it said it was way out of level and needed to be leveled, so I followed the onscreen prompts just as yesterday and leveled the machine until the display showed that it was level and happy again. However I can clearly see that the machine is way out of level now, there is clearly much more resin on the left side of the tray than the right. Also putting a bubble level on the machine in various locations shows that it’s way out of level now (leaning to the left).
Now if I adjust the machine to where it is actually level, I’m sure the software is going to tell me that it’s not level any more (as it thinks it is now, and it’s clearly not).

Is the machine’s concept of level different than the universe’s concept of level? Is there something inside the machine that has to be level even if the rest of the machine is not level?

Also, nothing changed in the location where the machine is sitting overnight, so it seems strange that it would thing it’s out of level today when it was perfectly happy yesterday.

I’m a bit confused.

Love the machine. First print was a beauty. Ready to make more cool stuff.

I definitely recommend submitting a support ticket. The customer team can help you figure out the issue and keep printing beautiful parts.

Done Craig. Thanks. I was just hoping someone might have an answer here … I have no idea how long support tickets take (first one submitted) and I’ve got a long list of jobs in the queue :slight_smile:

I had exactly the same experience - great print, printer didn’t move but second time around it said to level again. I’ve just stuck some cardboard under the feet.

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Jason, I just got a reply back from support. One of the possible explanations is severe cold overnight in my shop and the accelerometer in the machine could have gotten “confused”. Is your machine in a cold location? The tech suggested unplugging the machine overnight so in the morning when I turn it on, it sorta figures out where “level” is again.
PS, he also said that “level” refers to bits inside the machine, not necessarily the case or planet earth.

It’s in a room behind my workshop (garage) so does get cold - I have an electric heater in there which is on low at night just to take the edge off. I’ll bear that info in mind, cheers.

UPDATE: About an hour into today’s print job, the machine paused and told me to level it again before continuing. I’m guessing the machine warmed up and the accelerometer got it’s sanity back again. As of now, the software says the machine is level and a bubble level applied to the machine verifies this fact.

All is well with the world once again and I’m printing again.

Happy again :smile:


I had this in the Beta trial. Sorted now though, do you have the latest Preform and firmware update that was released a couple of days ago?

Yes I do. When I first turned on the machine for the first time it told me I needed a firmware upgrade … so that was done. Preform checks for updates ever time it’s loaded I presume … so that’s sorted as well.

I’m moving the machine into my office in my home. I think my shop gets too damn cold overnight and it effects the accelerometer. Also the initial resin warmup in the morning takes forever because it’s going from near 0C up to 30C and that takes time … in the house it will be starting at about 22C so it should not take as long.

It doesn’t check firmware automatically each time, you have to do that from the ‘Printers’ icon in the menu.
Yes, temperature can play a part, thats quite a cold environment!

Would it be possible to add an ignore button to the level system so we can override it and keep printing? My printer wants the resin to spilling over before it says level. I might also consider having a button to calibrate the level.

Also, the first print was the best 3d printed part I have ever seen, and I have used a brand new Shakerbot!


Please contact our support team. Your printer should not be that far out of level. Is the resin parallel to the line printed on the front of the tank?


It is about 3/4 of the way up the front when level and not touching the back. Side to side is about the same situation.

As I was writing this, the position of level changed again, not as bad now but still not able to print.

Update on my issue: I moved my machine out of the shop and into my home office and this issue has totally gone away. Temperature seems to be a huge issue.
As a bonus, resin heating takes a lot less time when you are starting at 22C instead of around 5C :smile:


I would definitely get in touch with support so that they can track the issue and help you resolve it. We will get you back on track quickly!


I did try to update, But I was up to date. I am keeping the machine between 70 & 73 F at all times. When I got the machine, it was warmed up to this temp before turning on.

Good questions… I feel that temperature has been a big factor with some other machines.

We’ve had a similar issue with the leveling, our studio is pretty cold over night so we tried keeping the room at a good temperature as suggested and it seems to have cured the issue for now. Has any body else got a Form2 that seems to be quite noisy when it retracts from the resin on each pass, it started as a vibration and has turned into rather nasty sounding dry noise.


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