Flexible Resin-Print Failure-Base Sticks to Resin Tank

Printing on a Form 2 with Flexible resin. Tried Printing a small part, thin wall and when print was complete and build platform was removed, there was nothing on the build platform. Investigated resin in tank by lightly scraping tank and saw what was the start of the base stuck to bottom of resin tank. Chalked it up to part being too small with too small wall. Today tried printing a new part (1.5 inch model car tire) in Flexible… same thing. Then instaledl new resin tank. Same thing. Base prints a a little (like maybe .080 inch thick) and then prints no more. Trying a different orientation for this part and trying again… but is there any other things I should be looking for what might be causing this print failure? This seems to be isolated to the Flexible resin as I’ve had success printing with other resins.


Flexible resin peels off more easily from the platform. Roughening it up with sand paper or lowering the Z-axis could help.

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