Flexible Resin Print Adhesion- Inconsistent!

I recently ordered a bottle of Flexible resin, and started printing a few parts. My first two prints worked quite well and had no problems adhering to the build platform. I used the recommended settings for flexible (density of 1, base of 2mm, and point size of 2mm for supports).
However, the print has failed 3 times in a row now. The part has failed in the same area each time, with the support peeling off the platform. I wiped the platform, sifted with a comb, cleaned the mirror, and made sure that the tank wasn’t damaged (it was brand new when I started with flexible resin).
From reading a few other posts, I know that this situation is fairly common with the flexible resin. I’m just wondering if there are any suggestions out there on why all of a sudden the print would stop adhering? Or how to ensure a consistent print with the flexible resin? I haven’t had any problems with the other resins that I have used, as grey and clear both work very well still.


Can you share some pictures with us?

If it came loose from the platform: try to rotate the part so the peel forces change.

Here are some photos from the prints. Note that the successful print was printed in the same location on the build platform, with the same settings as the failed print. As you can see, the failed prints all peeled off the platform in the same location. I caught the failure at different times, which is why the parts are all at different stages of completion.

One interesting thing I noticed. The underside of the failed print is badly pockmarked. Is this a result of air holes from bad peeling and platform adhesion? Or could this be the source of the failed print? I haven’t noticed this happen with any previous failed prints in either grey or clear resin. Note that the pockmarks are not present on the underside of the successful print.

Here is the link to the photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ybg96h2r4qj0ivj/AABkB5SCiaKt__Hg7Gquv7_ha?dl=0

Also, I switched back to grey resin now (in a different resin tank) and I also had a print failure, in what seems to be the same location as with the flexible. I cleaned the mirror thoroughly, but perhaps something is wrong with the build platform? My printer was working just fine before experimenting with the flexible. Any advice or suggestions will help! Thanks in advance.


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