Not a single print with Flexible resin stick to the platform

Hi guys,

I don’t know what might be going on, but I keep trying to print with Flexible resin and the print never sticks to the build platform. I don’t have this issue with other materials. I also tried lowering the build platform of 0.2mm with no effect.

Anyone else was having similar issue with Flexible?

have you tried it oriented so the ring edge is parallel to the platform?

I did when I first used the resin be sure to shake the he!! out of it and when pouring into the tank allow it to set for about an hour to get all the air bubbles out of the resin. Then just before you print stir the tank and be sure to scrap over the PDMS layer in the area of the print to ensure there is some oxygen getting to it. The flex stuff is pretty thick so I found that these steps were really needed.

Thanks for your hints! I remembered that I didn’t shake the bottle before pouring it into the tank, so I put it back into the bottle, shake it and tried again. It didn’t help :frowning:

I also noticed that the platform isn’t quite near the bottom of the tank, so I lowered it in the Finetuning settings in Preform. It seemed better but it didn’t help as well.

So I am gonna try to modify the position of the model on platform. The reason I didn’t try it is that I modified plenty of supports and by rotating the model I am gonna lose my changes :frowning:

Hi, you can rotate the object in the Z axis (vertical) without have to regenerate your supports. Just press the Lock icon in the orientation tab.
Sometimes when i clean the platform with IPA, the next print doens’t stick at all so now i only wipe it dry. Your problem seems to be only with flexible but it was in case.
Hope you will find a solution,

Great, thanks for tip, Nicolas!

I am now reusing the platform without cleaning it, because there is nothing to clean, no solid material, only a liquid resin. So it should not be the IPA cleaning.

Just to share my experience, I clean the platform with a drop of IPA every time and I didn’t have adhesion problem yet…

Martin, if you send us a ticket we can take a look for you. Sorry to hear you are having these issues!


Interesting. I just tried my first flexible print and it failed.
New tank and new platform. New well shake bottle. And brutally failed. The bottom got detach very early in the print.

Any suggestion for something i can print that is easy to use to understand how to print with this resign is welcome. I normally use chime clear or black. But now I have some flexible and tough to play with … till formulas convince me the form2 make sense.

After few days of trying, also for me nothing works.
Shaking resin, done,
Cleaning resin and everything avoiding IPA contamination, done
lowered platform, done
closer and more parallel to platform, done
Tried with different models with large based, done

Results go form a base that detach from the platform during the print or even cases that is never attaches to the platform. I am seriously looking at the form2 because of the great experience i had with clear, grey and white … but flexible … horrible so far.


What is the temp of the resin in the tank? Many were having issues with tough resin which is also very thick like flexible. I heated the resin to about 35C/95F and it thins out to clear’s viscoscity and prints wonderfully.


Maybe. I managed a first god print by moving the part and setting it ins a way to minimise stress from peeling. The base came off little bit, but the print was perfect nevertheless.
I wonder if the form2 is better with these new resins or not. I am still on the fence for it, given that it is a quite a price!

I will need some help from support guys, so far one god print out of 10 with this resin … very disappointing honestly,
And yes i tried it all, including a warmer room.

working with support on this. Support rocks! We will get at the bottom if this!

Could you then please share your results?

In the meantime I started building a heated cabinet for the printer. I am really looking forward to try printing at 35°C. Thanks for your research @ChristopherBarr!

I believe my problem is the fact that the flexible resin deteriorates too fast, faster that 12 months.
This we I will try with a new batch resin to see if this works out better or not. As i have no problems with other resin (except an out of date black … since i never realised resin has an expiry date), I am hopeful that this is the problem.

Alright, I finished my heated chamber for the Form1+ and I finally got successful print with flexible resin! The print started at 27°C of the inside temperature, finished at 30°C. I am attaching a picture of my chamber. The heating I am using is infrared lightbulb for home terrarium. The chamber also serves as dust isolator, which was actually it’s initial purpose and reason why I started building it :smile:

Thanks again @ChristopherBarr for the idea with the resin heating!

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After three bottles, two trays and two platforms (all paid by myself) … I can say that this resin is NOT compatible with my form1+. Support has been friendly but rather useless and even if they might give some coupon for this resin, they will go unused as trays aren’t cheap. I doubt this resin is stable enough to be considered “sellable” to be fair.

Probably the form2 is better suited, but after this experience … I might even cancel my order for it and move on. I cannot afford to waste all this money like this.

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