First print - settings wont load

Hi there, my name is Sami.
Just got my machine yesterday after a long wait.
I did read on how to set up, clean the printer and now ready to print. I did load 3 files ( totaling 54ML ), generated the platform and hit the orange button on the left bar to start a new print and Im getting a pop up saying the required print were not loaded, unable to continue. There are 4 missing settings.

Please advice on whats going on. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

I have never heard of that, but it could be a mis-match in software and firmware. First make sure you are running PreForm 1.5.2. Then if it does not offer to upgrade your printer firmware, go to Help>>Update Firmware and make it upgrade. Even if the versions are the same, this will repair damaged files and settings. I think they test each printer before shipping it, so I imagine your chances if fixing it like this are decent.

PS - If the firmware upgrade fails, don’t panic. Just reset the power and try again.

hi josh, im running on 1.5.2 indeed, but still tried to update it. restarted the printer, restarted preform, still wont do, i did try to print one project at a time, still wont do, this is really pissing me off since I have been waiting to get this printer from december 2013, 9 months since i bought this 3d printer, and so far it looks like a lemon more than anything else.

thanks for your reply.

image of message im getting

I was reading few topics here and I saw someone saying that he/she received a refurb formalb1+, I honestly think that could be my case as well. When I opened the box, I saw inside the printer, under than tank residue of resin and air bubbles, could formlab have sent me a refurb printer? what do you guys think?

You can tell the refurbished ones by the sticker on back that says refurbished near the serial number. If you are on version 1.5.2 on the computer already then you would indeed need to force the upgrade through the help menu. I understand you did? If so then you will probably need to open a support ticket with formlabs and await a reply.

Hi Sami,

What’s the serial name on your printer? It will be on the back sticker, in the form “AdjectiveAnimal”.

Unless your printer is a replacement, it shouldn’t be a refurb.

Hi Craig,
serial is AwareLocust

Thanks, Sami. i confirmed that your printer is new––not refurb. I also confirmed that it successfully passed its test print in the factory (as is required of all printers). The error you got usually only occurs if machine has not completed it’s calibration routine or if PreForm is not up to date. Neither is the case here for you. I’ll connect with Stephen, with whom you have an open customer support ticket, and make sure you’re up and running soon.

Hi Craig, do I need to open a ticket or there’s one open already?
I would appreciate quick resolution of this issue since I need to print few projects.