Failed prints with new resin bottle, or hot resin?

I posted this as a reply in another thread but I think it warrants its own thread.

I have failed prints with flaky resin build-up occuring before the print separates and sticks to the resin tank. I’m experiencing this problem right now with two different form 1+ machines. new clear resin, I’ve tried 0.2mm, 0.1mm, 0.5 and 0.25mm layer thicknesses. The problem started happening in the last 5 days when I opened a new bottle of clear resin. I’ve ran laser tests on both machines, new build platforms, resin tanks and fresh resin (from the new bottle). No changes had any affect on the failed prints.

I’m wondering if the resin formulation changed. I am out of my old resin so I can’t confirm the results.
I also noticed my machines are running a bit warm, 81F when idle (12+ hours since last print) in a room with 72F ambient temperature:

Given the maximum temperature of the resin is 82F and knowing when i remove prints they are warm to the touch, i can’t help but think my printers are exceeding the thermal envelope for resin. Since very small prints succeed and large ones fail (about an inch of vertical height into the print i get failures like the below photos), that further points to a thermal issue.

any thoughts? I’ll post some photos of the failed prints in a bit

UPDATE: here’s a photo showing 5 of the failures. notice the relative consistency in the failure height.

The Form1 doesn’t have a fan. It uses its Aluminum case as a heat sink. So even idle it’s dissipating a few watts probably. Enough to get it slightly above room temp.

I’ve got a Seek camera, too. Amazing bit of technology, great software.

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