Resin temp must be below 82* F to print sucessfully

I contacted tech support because of continuous fails this spring as it warmed up. My air conditioner also broke at this time. I received the following info which I had not seen posted to this forum anywhere.

“The upper limit for heat our materials scientists have told us is 82° F so turning the thermostat down a degree or two might help. The resin can retain heat sometimes due to the enclosed nature of the printer.”

I moved the printer to the basement where the ambient room temp was 76.1* F. Let it acclimate overnight unplugged, and printed a test print. A thermometer leaning against the outside of the printer read 80.1 * F when the print was finished. The print was still a total fail, so the temperature may only be one of my problems. I noticed that the resin and the inside of the lid stays several degrees warmer than the outside air. If you are having issues and your room temperature is above 78* F. You may want to try to cool the room and see if that helps.

Information about the printer’s operation temperature is in our technical specification page, but you’re right to point out that it should be someone on our support site. I’ll see what we can do to make this information more clear and easily findable. Printing at temperatures above or below the range can definitely lead to print issue.

Sorry to hear you’re still having print issues. Keep in touch with support, as they’ll work to get you up and running as fast as possible.

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Hi Craig,

Thanks! I should have checked the technical specification page. I should also add that, even though we have yet to determine the cause of my recent failures, I have been very pleased with the quick responses and knowledge of the FormLabs engineer, Roxanne Barrett, who has been assigned my case. It was a comment of hers that made me suspect that excess heat may be an issue. I am confident that my Form 1 + will be printing again soon.

I’m quite sure, that there is some kind of temperature sensor inside the Form1.
Couldn’t this show a warning (In preform or on the printer display) if the temperature is above 27°C?

Ho hum… My apartment doesn’t have an A/C unit.
Temps during the summer regularly float around 85 F.

That’s bad news :confused:

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