My Form2 does not reach the ideal temperature (31.5 C), can I still print?

Today, I started a new job, on my Form2, I uploaded the files and started printing.
I had to leave and when I returned after an hour, the printer had not started printing yet because it was still warming up (22.0 C). I canceled the printing, reset the printer and now the temperature is no more than 17, 0 C.
Anyone have any idea what that might be?


Yes, you can.

You can, but I suppose that there is something wrong with the heating element.
You should contact support.


How warm is your ambient environment? The heater can struggle a bit in cooler environments, but only making it to 22C after an hour isn’t quite what we’d expect. I’d second @ClaudioPin’s suggestion of getting in touch with our support team. The printer can be used if it hasn’t reached the target temperament, but that could negatively impact reliability.

cjryker06 and ClaudioPin thanks for your input.
Frew, actually my ambient temprerature is about 14/a5ºC.
I contact your support team, and i´m waiting for feedback. Meanwhile, yesterday i satrt a new job and the temperature reached 25ºC after 4 hours, canceled the print and heated the resin outside the printer at 40ºC, put again in the tank a start the . The temperature lowered at 28ºC, and the print came out well without issues.
I think that the heating module has a problem.
I print only with castable resin, mainly jewelery, what is the minimum temperature for print castable whithout loose resolution?

Thanks in advance.

14C is a bit chilly but the printer should timeout and throw a ‘can’t reach target temperature’ error instead of continuing to attempt to reach temperature for 4 hours. It’s tricky to generalize what temperatures ranges are acceptable for printing. It’s likely that the Catable Resin will perform well at 25C seeing as it’s not especially viscous by default, and you might test it with a few small prints.

Yes, time out error show up, and hit retry a few times during the 4 hours.

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