Potential issue with Form2 overheating

I have encountered an issue where the Form2 will continue to pre-heat the resin past the 31 degree start temp.

I am doing some small prints trying to use up the last amount of resin in my tank. Because the resin levels are low,
the printer gives the low resin warning while the tank is pre-heating. I was working on other things and didn’t notice that I had to confirm that it was alright to print. After I pressed confirm, the printer had preheated to 33.5 degrees. Although that temperature is not alarming, my concerns is that the printer will continue heating unheeded past safe levels while that low resin level warning menu is showing.

The print will start at 31º, but the set temperature is 35º. So everything should be OK here.

Ah, thank you. That is good to know.

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