Temperature of the resin tank


Ive been performing some prints succesfully (except for minor details). Usually the resin tank temperature was around 26 ºC before starting the printing and it takes about 10 minutes to start to print, reaching around 30 ºC at the starting point in the resin tank.

Today i performed another printing, the resin tank was at 27 ºC at the beginnig and the printing str¡arted inmidiatly, without heating up the resin tank.

This seems a random behaviour from the form2, How can I crontolled the temperature in the resin tank at which the printing starts?


Interesting! The print start temperatures and ranges were recently updated, so perhaps that’s the reason that you’re seeing some difference compared to the previous prints. Take a look at the Maintaining Resin Temperature article from formlabs.com for some details about different materials and their print temperatures.

Ive just updated the form2 firmware and it was the first print so now i know the reason.

Thanks @Stephen!

While im trying to print an old model recorded in the form2 the resin tank was preheated to 30 ºC (a message appear) so only the new models start to print at lower temperatures than 30 ºC, I dont know if it is because of the preform software or the new firmware.


As far as I know, the temperature and other print settings come from the version of PreForm where the file is saved.

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