Pre heat resin to speed up print time

Is there any way to preheat the resin in the printer prior to loading a print? Sometimes I need a dental model quickly and if the Form 2 was ready to print as soon as I loaded the print it would save 5-10 minutes. I have never tried to print without the resin being heated to the present temperature, so that may be an option if it doesnt mess up the print. Thanks

Many interactions with the printer will make it to auto heat. Like uploading a print, inserting a tank/cartridge, etc.

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I have only noticed it heating when a print is loaded and you confirm print. It took my printer 30 minutes to heat this morning. That almost doubles the print time for a model printing at 140 microns. If i could have it preheating while I am scanning that would really speed things up.

Form 2? As long as there’s a tank inserted, it will heat when you do anything to access the printer like lifting the orange cover and letting it back down again. Be sure you have the latest firmware loaded.

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Everyone here is correct! Touching the screen or opening the case will all begin pre-heating. If you feel like it’s taking significantly longer than 20-30 minutes(which is average depending on ambient room temps), definitely reach out to our support team here and they’d be happy to lend a hand. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, I opened the case and the printer started heating up as i was able to watch the temp in the settings menu. I am going to add opening the case to our morning rituals.

I actually did this the other night, when for reasons (I think my form 3 senses my urgency?) when I was printing in Tough, and it was being too viscous. Anyway, I put the resin cartridge on top of my filament drier (it’s a 3D Print Dry). So not inside (that’s pretty toasty but on top where it vents out). The resin was nice and warm and didn’t give me dispensing errors.