Pre-heating resin tank

As we leave the bitter cold of winter behind I am reminded of an old topic which has yet to be implemented. I am wondering if it still on the to do list as @MaximLobovsky mentioned or if the idea was scrapped for any technical reasons?


Side Note: Although it isn’t a huge issue for me, I did notice my printer can take up to 20-30 mins to warm up on particularly cold days (I’m in Los Angeles, so 45 degrees in a warehouse is considered very cold). As it is beginning to warm up (been in the 90s lately) resin warming can be as quick as 3-5 mins.

Yeah it would be really nice if I could press a button to set it whilst waiting for a file to load up.

If you really need to pre-heat the resin you can start a different build and abort it as soon as you hear the build platform lower itself into the resin. I do this sometimes, especially when I want to filter cold resin.

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I have a simple FDM printer I can preheat. But my form 2 can taken up to half an hour to get up to printing temp. I am sure it can be enabled in a simple firmware update. Please Formlabs?

Problem is where I (and my computer) reside, and where the printer resides are no where near each other. I’m a good 100 yards through a warehouse to where my printer is. So this would not work for me.

I do this too. Kinda lame, but it does the job.

Pre-heat has been implemented into the latest Firmware release, 1.14.21! There are a few different actions that will cause the printer to pre-heat.

  1. Interacting with the printer’s touch screen
  2. Opening the printer’s cover
  3. Uploading a print to the printer

You can learn more in the blog post on firmware 1.14.21, and let us know how this feature works for you and if there’s any modifications you’d like made.


Really excited to see this implemented and I like the way it was done. Various triggers that are part of the normal workflow so if I hadn’t read the update notes all I would have noticed is that my parts finish 10-30 minutes faster than before.

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