Preheat BEFORE Mixer function

The offices our printers are set up in are very cold in the morning, especially during winter. When trying to start a job in this time (some urgent parts require us to print in the morning) the mixer will detach several times because the resin is so viscous that it can’t push its way through. When it finally finishes mixing it starts heating up and the rest of the print proceeds with no problems.
It would be helpful if the resin tank was heated before the mixing takes place as it would flow through the resin much more easily.


Lots of people on the forums have been asking for a preheat function. Tagging @DKirch for some visibility :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ve also mentioned this to Formlabs support via email, but I’ll give it a thumbs up here too.

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Hey all!

Noted! It sounds like those heating features are still on their way, but I’ve passed this up the chain to impress on folks how important this feature is to our community.


Thanks Dan :slightly_smiling_face:

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An update to Preform 3.13 has bought a change to the heating arrangements. There is now this screen:


Unfortunately, the working temperature has been uplifted from 31 to 33º so it is taking even longer to warm up

My print took 7 hours to reach 31.7º. Since the print was timed at 5 hours I’ve decided to abort the print and reload a new one from Preform 3.12.3

A case of be careful for what you wish for?