Form 2 heating in sleep mode?

The lower left corner of the tank of my Form 2 is hot, when printer is in sleep mode.
This is wasting a lot of energy and of money.

Is this a bug or a feature?

In firmware version 1.14.21, we implemented pre-heating with the goal of reducing the time between preparing a print and the print starting. You can read more about it here and there are a few actions that will trigger the printer to pre-heat.

  • Interacting with the printer’s touch screen
  • Opening the printer’s cover
  • Uploading a print to the printer

Is it possible that one of these actions is triggering the pre-heat? It can be a bit challenging to test but allowing the printer to sit idle for a while and then checking the tray temperature immediately after opening the cover should serve as a good experiment .

I would add that if you pay let’s say $0.10/(kW hr), then the power cost of pre heating is easily less than one cent.

It sounds like if this feature is functioning correctly the preheat should stop after 30 mins. Unless you have a cat that likes to play with your touch screen it likely is cooling down but you haven’t noticed (assuming you only feel your printer around the same time you are triggering one of the preheat actions).

@BenFrantzDale Purely out of curiosity, do you have any data on accelerated aging of your resins? If a printer were constantly in preheat mode how much shelf life would the resin lose? The resin is only indicated for storage to 25°C. Mind you this is moot because; A.) The printer would have to malfunction first. B.) Only a small amount of resin would be affected. C.) A delta T of ~10°C over room temp simply isn’t very significant.

Just curious. =]

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