New Form2 - wondering about sleep mode

I’ve been printing for the last 5 days since I got my Form2. What is the optimal setting when the Form2 is not printing? How do you put it in sleep mode? Is it ok if the resin tank is full? Any info would be great…Thx!

@Freeformer Pressing and holding the button for about 10 seconds will put the computer into a sleep mode. Press the button again to wake it.

As long as the orange cover is down, the resin in the tank will be fine. One or two people here in the forum have reported their resin tank cracking while in place and spilling resin into the printer. If this is any concern to you at all, remove the tank, place the black cover over the top and store the tank in dry, dark area (a cupboard, drawer, etc.).

That being said I leave my current tank in the printer all of the time and put the printer to sleep when I am not using it for a day or more. My other resin tanks and cartridges are in a closed cabinet.

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If I’m not printing for a while then I unplug it and I’ve also got a box that fits it pretty well that I put over it to keep dust away

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Thanks so much!!!

Happy Printing!

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We have our Form 2 connected to a power strip. If we know we have no prints on cue, we just simple shut down the power strip after placing it into a sleep mode. Hope this is proper procedure.

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Powering off the strip is the same as unplugging it, which must be acceptable as there is no alternative. So, I’d say you are good.

People like to turn things off, not because they are worried about energy consumption, but for peace of mind. In my opinion, every device that uses AC power should have a fused and switched power entry module so you can physically cut off power at the point of entry.

I scratch my head over why there is a button at all. Must just be to resume from sleep…But why sleep at all? Does the Form 2 have Wake on LAN functionality maybe?

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