Form 3 - Future Sleep Mode?

Any chance there’s a sleep mode coming? You’d think you could wake by opening the lid or something.

Sometimes our printers will go weeks without use… At what point is better to unplug the machine vs just leaving it on?

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That decision is going to be up to you based on how much electricity you like to waste and the noise level. My suggestion is to get a power strip with a switch on it. Who would have thought you can flick a switch and it turns a machine on and off, what an incredible concept.

I believe it is coming from them though.

Cheers mate, I am in fact familiar with power strips & switches. I agree, such a concept!

Moving beyond the various ways in which one can turn power on & off, my question pertains more to what is best for the long-term health of the machine… i.e increasing the power cycle count to all electrical components & increasing printer initialization count, vs constant power to electrical components, potentially resulting in LCD ghosting, etc.

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I can’t imagine Formlabs not addressing this. I will cancel my Form 3 and 3L orders if they come here and tell me sleep will never be implemented.

I know you can install a powerbar; I just have higher expectations on polish given the cost of the machines.