Form 3 Power-Save


Today i received my form 3 printer. Is there any power off option or standby ?


전원관리를 어떻게 해야 좋을까요?

I powered my form 3 for the first time yesterday. It stayed on and never went to sleep. There does not look like there is a way to power it down. The user manual says to pull the plug when you want to turn it off. I imagine that there is a sleep mode that I did not wait long enough to trigger?!!


I do not own one but from what I’ve read no this forum there is no power saving mode. Seems like a huge oversight for such an expensive product. Maybe something they can add in an update?


I would hope so…it is quite annoying and a waste of energy right now. Kinda silly. The fan is going hard the entire time.


I agree. I didn’t realize how quiet the office was until the Form 3 with always on fan showed up. Hopefully an update will provide a low power sleep mode and turn off the fan.


Yeah - agreed. Very unusual that there is no way to power it off without pulling the plug. And yes, a power down / low power mode also would be great, where the fans rest after the print has finished to save energy, with this being a slightly more power hungry machine than the Form 2.


How hard would it be to add your own power switch, perhaps with built-in fuse holder?