Printing whilst away from the printer all day?

Seems like a basic question, though I’ve never actually left my printer to print unattended. I was thinking of setting up a print whilst going to work meaning the printer will be left on a good 6 hours when the print is done. Does the printer go into sleep mode after a while? I did notice it was still heating the resin 30 minutes after printing when not switched off by the mains. Just hope it doesn’t do that for 6 hours after the print! :-\

Hello. I am not familiar with the heater staying on but I have printed parts over night… Couldnt get to them the next day (left a full 24 hours hanging finished) and came back to them and everything was fine.

If you were worried about it I am sure you could get a smart plug for your outlet and turn it off when you knew the print was finished… Just an idea.

if the printer is operating normally you should be able to leave it unattended.

Enable text alerts, and you will be notified wherever you are if the printer pauses or suffers an error… and will get an alert when the print finishes, as well.

In tons of prints I have only ever had one problem where the printer crashed mid print. I don’t think being present would have changed anything.

I have a webcam pointed straight at the printer so I can check, but you are fine leaving it unattended.

The printer keeps it warm for a bit after finishing a print so that if you want to do a new print it will already be warmed up.

And you can definitely leave it, the only concern is if the power goes out which will stop the print.

We pretty much only print overnight, and get the parts washed the next day (or Monday morning for Friday night prints)

Ok thanks for the feedback all. I have time to do a test today so I will leave it on for a while. Though does the printer not go to sleep when idle for a long time?

The printer does not go to sleep as far as I know, and certainly not while printing. I’ve left my Form 2 on when it isn’t printing for over 48 hours and it didn’t go idle.