Delayed start

Sorry by advance for my bad english skill…

It could be useful if we could have a delayed start.

You launch your print when you leave the office and they just finish when you come back. You will clean it directly instead of resin stay on the part all night long.


I think it’s a wonderful idea and I wanted to propone it!
I don’t have the printer at home and the printed piece couldn’t stay in the printer more than two hours (formlabs staff says so)!

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I’m not opposed to the option but I don’t see how it would hurt the print to hang there in the printer even for days as long as there is no UV light on it.

This is what formlabs staff say to me when I was thinking to buy yhe printer. It is very important for me to let the printer work during the night. If you tell me by experience the piece will not damage staying a whole night in the printer, It’s a wonderful news for me!

I don’t know why they would say that, maybe they misunderstood the question or something. But I often start prints that finish during the night and I get them out sometime the next day.

I have to agree with @VinceErb, I print loads overnight and sometimes in the weekend where the model will hang from the build platform for up to 2 days. It doesn’t affect the print at all (as long as your cover is still good,

@BarthlemyDunan, it would definitely be a good thing if that was possible. Especially if you’re in a hurry to go to a meeting and the model is still uploading. If your printer is always connected via the USB cable or via wifi, it would be great to start it via Preform (teamviewer) (or a remote on your phone :).)

Thank you! I’m really happy!

Your prints are fine to stay in overnight or even over the weekend! The printer’s cover protects it from UV light. If anything, it might just be a little harder to get the part off the build platform, but the part itself will be fine.


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Thank you, I tryed this night and the pieces are ok!

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Everyone else was saying, print and get to the clean up when you can. I will agree with that as well. My prints are waiting for me for 12 hours max. My basement is dark so that helps too.


Just another +1 for this feature. I disagree with the claim that the prints are not affected by hanging for many hours (like over the weekend) before cleaning. I print mostly in clear and I have found that parts which are not cleaned promptly seemed to get a slight yellow tinge. Additionally, I don’t think the surface finish is quite as good–perhaps a more aggressive cleaning protocol is needed when parts have hung for many hours overnight? This has given me particular concern for parts which have very fine detail or small internal features where efficient cleanup is a must.

This feature seems like an easy addition and I would use it.

(Incidentally, I am using a Form 2)

The old clear resin gets a yellowing from curing. I haven’t seen any quality issues from leaving the print in there for a while before cleaning it up. I do put a box over the printer if it’s going to sit like that though, just in case.

Think about it… Some prints take like 10h+ to be done… There’s most likely no difference between a section of a 10h part that was printed 9h ago still waiting for the last 1h section to print or a 1h part that just hangs around for another 9h.

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For the Form 2, a possibly useful feature might be remote start (via the dashboard). I don’t see this feature presently. The resin tank cap could include a breather check valve, removing the need to open it manually, which would make remote print feasible.

I use this in an office environment, so the weekends is where this would be really helpful. I hate the idea of starting a print on Friday night and leaving it until Monday morning. Seems like a simple add with a lot of value. Formlabs team - please consider!!

I have had to a couple time leave a print hanging over the weekend due to the time the print takes to finish some are 14 plus hours.