Programmable start time

I use a Form 1+ at work, so I only have access to the printer during business hours. It would be great if I could set a timer to control when it starts printing. Currently I can only print if the job can be completely finished in a workday. Otherwise, it finishes at night and my parts are sitting on the build platform for several hours before I can remove them. That’s not the best. So, if I could upload my files and then tell the printer to wait for some amount of time, that would literally double the amount of printing I’m able to do.

I understand there would be some hazards associated with the printer starting when a person isn’t there to keep an eye on it, but I’d be willing to take that risk!

That should not be a problem at all. The resin doesn’t cure unless there is UV light curing it.

There are always outlet-mounted timers that may work for you right now.

My machine destroyed itself running overnight when a large print fell off the build platform and fouled the wiper causing resin to be wiped over the side until the cartridge was empty and the machine was full of resin. My advice would be not to run the machine over night or unattended. Formlabs support were very good and sorted the machine out and i was up and printing with a replacement machine in a week or so but its not worth the risk of unattended operation.

I’ve only had one failure out of many prints, I wouldn’t worry about running it overnight. Also, you can leave the print in there for a very long time, so don’t worry about that either.

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I seem to remember Formlabs not recommending you leave prints on the build platform for more than 2 hours, but ok, thanks!

ive left them on the platform for hours and over a day or two haha. no issues

I don’t think this would work because you have to manually press the confirm button to start a print.

I would love to have a programmable start time. My prints take so long that I can only print on the weekend. If I could have the printer start at a programmed time during the week my prints could be ready by the time I get home from work (my normal job).

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A programmable start time would be ideal for me, maybe a message to my phone that the machine is about to start. also a small camera inside the cover so the print can be monitored, a remote kill switch while we are at it if the print falls. These are all so obvious maybe they come standard with the Form 3.

how would you push the button remotely?

Hi George its obviously a change in the way the machine operates. I would think when you upload a print job the would be a new option print now or delay start time. When you push the start button if theres a delayed start you are confirming a delayed start. Maybe 10 minutes before the print starts it can sms a print start warning which also includes and option to stop the print. Just thinking out loud George. For mine delayed start option is a no brainer

seems they want you to be there to inspect the plate and make sure clean and cartridge open. I use blue for casting and it needs to be stirred before using to get best print

To be honest the more important thing for me is more accurate print timing, sometimes my form 2 is more than 50% out in the print time.