Programmable Printer Start Time


Are there any plans to implement a programmable start time for the printer?

This idea was discussed a year ago here.

We have many 10hours prints with Castable V2. If those prints are not washed within 30min after printing, the resin on the surface starts to build up a layer which is very hard to remove. So washing the parts first thing in the morning after a over night print is not really an option.

A programmable starting time would be great for demonstrations to customers or in an educational context: After starting a print it takes quite some time to print the base - so there is not really much to see. If a customer visits our workshop in the morning, it would be nice if we could show him a mid-way print which started in the night.

I understand that there is always the danger of an resin spill - but most user do not check the printer every 2 minutes anyway.

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Remote printer starting is a suggestion we’ve seen a few times and something we’re actively look into.

I can’t say I’ve heard of a layer building up from a part being left idle in the printer. We sometimes see residue with the matte resins and this is easily brushed away with a toothbrush or similar tool. Would that work for your case in the mean time?

Great to hear, that you alre looking into it!

The toothbrush works fine if you use it directly after the print is finnished. After a few hours however the residue can not be removed without leaving a trace.