Start timer to Initiate Print

It will be good if i can set timer to start print over night, so it will be ready for cure first thing in he morning when i start my shift.


Yes, I was thinking exactly the same after I had started a 3h print at 6pm., actually I would have wanted it to finish at around 9am the next day.
I guess this reluctancy comes from the idea that a closed printer holding a dripping build plate in the air for 12hs is somehow bad. Like for example if scraping the surrounding resin back into the vat after that amount of time, was bad because the resin “hardens a bit” is
But my experience is actually still close to zero. Can someone debunk my belief?

Or is there indeed some rationale behind the added value of adding a delayed start?

Hey all!

Just in case it’s helpful and hadn’t come across your radar before, we actually have a feature that allows for Remote Printing Start, and while it’s not actually on a timer, it should get you most of the way there!

Still unsure about my reason for wanting a delayed start in the first place so I’ll hold my upvote :slight_smile:

But yes, the Prime functionality is really useful!.
Actually, is there a maximum of time you can leave a printer primed?


Yes I use Remote printing all the time, especially since I started WFM. The main reason I want delayed start is when using elastic resin.

We have noticed on several occasions that parts printed with elastic resin shrink overtime, if not cured soon after the print is finished.