Setting up a start print time

I have a Form 2. Is this possible to set up a start print time? For example, I would like to start printing at midnight to finish by 8 am. I leave work at 5 pm. So no one is at my office to start my print at midnight. Thanks in advance!

Is there a reason not to start it immediately and have it finish at 1 am?

I understood that some found out that hanging parts on their supports for a long time can alter the dimension accuracy and perpendicularity of green parts.

Another one would be that you leave the office at 1PM and don’t want to bother others with the sound of the printer till they are gone.

Leaving the print on the supports/platform for a while shouldn’t affect the print, nothing is curing and if your print is properly supported then it should keep the weight pulling it in a bad angle.

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So far no one has answered his question. It is a useful option. Also being able to start remotely or correct an “Out of Resin” error message remotely would be nice.