Scheduled print start

Hello everyone!
It would be great to be able to schedule a print start on Form 2 to be sure that I will be present at the end of the print to remove and rinse quickly my print ! What do you think?

You can leave the finished print on the platform for quite a while, it’s not going to have any problems. For example, you could leave it on there for a day without issue.

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@Zachary_Brackin: I fully agree. I have even left prints that finished very late on a Friday night, and took the prints off the build platform when I arrived at work Monday morning. I would think that leaving the finished print over a longer time would allow more liquid resin to drip away from the finished print, which then makes the IPA rinse easier and quicker, plus it gives more life to the IPA since there is much less liquid resin to rinse off the printed part and become part of the IPA.

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I have left prints on the platform for many hours - it seems fine and it does allow more resin to drip off into the resin tray.

+1 to what has been said. When I read the topic my mind actually went the opposite direction as in “Oh yeah, it would be nice to start a print after I’m gone so I don’t have to listen to 500 peel cycles.”

If I can afford to I prefer to run prints overnight and clean them up in the morning. That said my machine has a wonderfully low failure rate and I trust it to run without me there to babysit it.

I think the “Tough” material is the only exception to what’s been said in this thread. Getting this material into post-cure as soon as possible is the only way I can get my parts to not warp like a pretzel. It would be really nice to schedule the start, or at least delay the start (same thing I suppose). Heck, my dishwasher has this feature, why shouldn’t a 3D printer.

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This might explain my difficulties with Tough… thanks!