Is it safe to leave a finished print for a few hours in the form 1?

I want to kick off a print but I will not be around when it finished for a few hours. Seems like it would be fine as its not going to be curing. I snooped around looking for an answer to this but did not find one. thanks!

Absolutely. We do this often ourselves – while you shouldn’t leave a finished print unattended indefinitely, the cover will protect it from additional curing for some time.

Yeah, agree with Sam. I have left prints for a couple days under the orange hood and no noticeable curing appears to affect the print. I bought an extra build platform and made a makeshift dark box that I store a finished print ( still on build platform) inside of when I can’t post process immediately and that has worked out well as well.

Wait… Does this mean we shouldn’t leave the resin in the resin tray? What does “the cover will protect it from additional curing for some time” mean? I was under the impression that the cover protects it for all curing UV rays. Do you recommend covering the form 1 with a black cloth cover when not in use for a period of time?

I believe somewhere in the literature or somewhere on here it has been stated that resin is good for 3 months in the resin tray.  Assuming you print every so often you’ll be getting rid of the resin fast enough.  I personally leave my prints in for a couple hours every time.  Uses less alcohol to clean them after (or it seems like) and drips excess resin back in the tray.  Plus I’m usually sleeping when the prints finish anyways.

Huh, that’s really great to know. I was under the impression you needed to be there when the print finished to do the alcohol bath within a few minutes. I was worried the uncured resin would eventually soften the cured parts of the model or something. So much better to be able to print and go, and circle back around when convenient. Nice.

I’ve also left a part hanging (on the platform) for a few hours to let it drip-off excess resin. I accidentally left a part submerged in alcohol for about 20 minutes and came back to a rather tacky free part. I let it air dry for another 8 hours and snipped it free. It turned out fine.