Left Over Resign

I just got my form3 and include the form wash and form cure.
However I noticed after my last print when it came out of the cure after 1 hour there was still resign that the form washed failed to remove.

My question is: After the print was done I left the build on the plate for about 20 mins before I moved it to the form wash. I washed it for abut 45 mins and cured for 60 mins. Did I leave it on the form3 printer for too long before I moved it to the wash?

As much as I love the Wash and Cure they’re not perfect by any means. You’ll find that especially after your alcohol gets more polluted that less resin will be removed or spots will get missed. Some of this also has to do with the geometry of the print. It can be hard to get it off of certain surfaces. When it comes out of the wash I like to use a can of air to blow away any excess resin in tough to reach spots followed by a little spray of water then cure. You can also run it through longer in the wash. If you’re in a rush after the wash just dip your finger (with gloves on) or soft bristle toothbrush in some alcohol then gentle scrub the affected areas and blot dry before curing.

Thanks for the advise I will probably run it through the wash longer but will also inspect and fix after it comes out of the wash.

Here is what I’m talking about.

Considering your Form Wash is new I would think it would’ve cleaned it better especially given how smooth and even the surface of your print is. Are you using 91% or higher isopropyl alcohol?

I’m using 99%, however I may have only done it for 20 mins instead of my intended 45 mins.

Ah okay. Well best of luck and hopefully it improves.

Something which may help - when washing the detail, try to avoid strong daylight in the area where you do this operation. Even short exposure to strong daylight can cure the residual resin which stays on the detail and result in ugly resin deposits on the surface.

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