Problems removing excess resin

I’ve been noticing some extra raised areas on my prints, and I think it’s because some of the excess resin isn’t being removed by the IPA rinse, especially in areas where the supports come close to the part.

I’m using the included alcohol containers, shaking it several times over about 20 minutes total. Is this a common problem?

Is there a better way to do the alcohol bath to make sure all the excess resin is gone? Is it worth it to buy an ultrasonic cleaner? I’d appreciate any advice on this. Thanks.

We cleaned manually for years. The Form Wash is well worth the investment.

Pros: Cleans well with no stickiness remaining.
Eliminates messy work area, ruined clothing etc.

Cons: Uses 2 gallons of IPA and when that gets saturated with resin, disposal and refilling might be considered expensive. For us the company foots the bill so cost is not really a concern.

Some users have issues with evaporation and/or IPA odor.

Hadn’t thought to try my ultrasonic cleaner - might be worth a shot for extra squeaky clean.

That said, I’ve been pretty happy with my results recently, this is my procedure:

  1. Remove parts from build platform and put into IPA bath 1 for 10 mins
  2. Gently brush over large surfaces with gloved fingers - shake around in the alcohol a bit.
  3. Move parts from bath 1 to bath 2 and bath for another 10 mins.
  4. Move parts out of the alcohol, and let the parts dry. I also use a bulb blower thing at this step link
  5. UV curing chamber for ~3-4 hours

Great surface finish, no sticky parts so far.

If you have a surface close to another it may leave a mark because the laser will bounce around a bit in the resin and that can cure extra material

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