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Cleaning my Form Wash


Hi everyone,

I am pretty happy with my 3D printer in general. I’m printing a lot. Lately the final prints end up sticky, so I guess that there is too much resin dissolved in the alcohol. I searched the internet for a good description of how to clean the Form Wash, but there is nothing really out there.

Could you tell me how you clean your Form Wash?
How to filter the alcohol to reuse it…
Where/How to dispose the resin…
How to clean the walls…

Thanks and looking forward to hear about your experiences.


You can’t filter the IPA to reuse it, in the same way that you can’t remove sugar from coffee by filtering. The only way to recover the IPA is by distilling.

Your local authority may have a scheme that will remove and dispose of small quantities of contaminated IPA. Or at least know of someone who can.


I would put the IPA in UV light to solidify the resin part. It usually turns to jelly. Then I just filtered it through a paper towel into another container and then left the jelly spread thin on some newspaper outside until it goes solid after its IPA content evaporates.


Hi @Jan_Huge,

Great question! You’re absolutely right that too much resin dissolved in the alcohol can lead to sticky prints and less effective cleaning. As such, I’d recommend pouring out the old IPA and replacing it with a new solvent.

For a more detailed guide on cleaning and maintaining your Form Wash, be sure to check out this support article. If you have any more questions, feel free to reply in this thread!