Re-washing after drying and removal of support

I am using the standard gray resin, on occasion I get a sticky spot or two. I have the standard wash method, 10 per each. I have re-washed and srubbed with a soft brush in IPA after about 3 minutes. Any other suggestions to removing the sticky spots. Is this a result of my IPA needing to be changed out?

Try IPA in an airbrush, and blasting the sticky bits (set the pressure as high as you can).
Obviously, use an old airbrush for this, and one that has gaskets that can tolerate IPA (usually, if it can tolerate thinner, it can tolerate IPA).

Cool, I will try that, I use a small hand held paint stirrer to agitate the IPA in the first wash, but having a airbrush…which I do, I could do this. have you done this as a rewash? any other suggestions I certainly welcome.

Yeah, i routinely do this on prints that have complex surfaces, holes, hard to reach places, etc.

Another thing to try - at the end of first bath, and beginning of second, hold the object by the base, and wave it around in the IPA like mad. Just be careful not to hit the inside of the bucket or splash too much.

A bit more involved than agitating by raising and lowering the basket, but way more effective (as it creates strong turbulence in harder to reach areas).

How long have you had the IPA? If it’s old might be time for a change.

I had mine for a year and it just started giving me sticky prints. (apparently way too long. what can I say, if it ain’t broke…)

How do you dispose of the IPA? Mine needs to be refreshed, but I assume you can’t just pour it down the drain?

My IPA is about 7 months old, I have not refreshed it, so maybe its time for a change on this. I was thinking throw the first bath, move the “clean bath” to first, or replace all?

What I usually do is let the IPA settle, use a siphon to suck the bottom of the IPA tank and then place the 2nd bath at the place of the 1st and dump the 1st.

If you have some sticky spots you can also cure the print submerged in water for about 5-10 minutes after the IPA and that will help the outside cure more, dry it after that and then cure it like normal.

no idea. I haven’t dumped it yet :wink:

Yeah I sure would like to know how to dispose of this old IPA…

The new IPA bought from Grangers is 99%

We bought 99% IPA from Grangers in a 5-gallon tub. My company has a hazardous waste company take away our mop water, acetone, ozzyjuice, etc. I have been collecting the waste IPA over the past nearly 2 years. I finally got our guy to give us a quote on taking the tainted IPA…over $500 for the 4 gallons we have collected so far!!!

He says it is the same cost for 1-30 gallons. So, for now, we are sitting on about 4 gallons of tainted IPA. Not sure if we should continue collecting or dispose of it in a more cost-effective, yet environmentally friendly way.

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Thanks, I think I will sit on it, mark the jug and set it aside.

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