Sticky Parts

Printing some stuff in Standard White (albeit it old resin) came out pretty sticky.

I did standard bath and let it dry. Is this more related to old IPA or something in the resin being old? Other materials weren’t having this problem last week.

(I saw a few old threads, but they were closed)

Try curing with the part submersed in water? Sticky is usually oxidation that inhibits the part from fully curing.

You mean when I’m going UV cure?

Yes when you post cure the part.

@shawny2005 your assumtion is in the right direction. The more parts you wash in IPA the more resin is taken by the bath and the more sticky your parts will remain. I for myself always post-cure with e.g. a nail dryer no matter if standard or technical resin. In this way the parts will turn completely solit without remaining sticky (almost) no matter how old your IPA is.

If you have it in your budget, get a Form Wash, cured any “sticky” problems we had. We do use 99% IPA and the Form Wash has a hygrometer to test to see when the IPA in the washer needs to be replaced.

$27 USD per gallon, minimum order 4 gallons, free shipping.

Form Wash really takes the mess and drudgery out of the cleaning process and does a much better job than doing it by hand… You save on gloves too… Hardly use them at all anymore and our workshop is “sticky free”.

I used to “suit up” with gloves and a shop apron prior to cleaning…still ruined some clothes and shoes though until I learned to be extremely careful when cleaning. Those worries and cares are now a thing of the past.

We now have 3 Form 2s and 2 Form Wash. Printing is now a nearly entirely enjoyable and sticky free process. We had our doubts when we ordered our first Form Wash (a step of faith) but it has more than met our expectations.

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I have found that using rubber gloved hands to physically rub the parts down while still in the IPA bath significantly reduces the sticky feeling. Working on a way to not have to do this manually but works as a stop gap for now.

There is a point where IPA will need to be replaced or recycled, usually ~50 prints or so (depending on size) but not just one week.

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