Parts are so sticky!

Hey all,

Just a quick question. My parts remain sticky or tacky for what seems to be a very long time, even after sitting on a window sill in direct sunlight all day and overnight. Is that normal and is there a quicker way to cure these parts?

I’m thinking about getting a UV bulb for an overhead desk lamp I have but I’m not sure if that would be any faster than natural UV.

Just curious how you all cure your parts and what the average time for something to be complete dry and workable are.


I think this has more to do with your IPA bath than the dose of UV it needs. If you are doing the recommended 2 minutes of shaking and 10 minutes of sitting, perhaps you need new IPA.

It could indeed partly be your IPA which needs renewing. Curing it with a UV lamp is definitely a pro! It cures much faster than natural OV. Furthermore you can cure it underwater which speeds up the process even more! Watch it though, because curing it for too long makes the resin really brittle! Natural UV is a very slow curing method, so I would recommend building/buying a UV chamber.

@Nitvar23 I think you’re in the wrong thread :wink:

As for my sticky parts, thanks guys I think you’re onto something. My IPA is filthy so thats probably it. I’m going to go to Home Depot next week and pick up some paint strainers to clean it out and while I’m there I’ll probably pick up a UV bulb for my desk lamp so I should be in business!

Saw this and thought I’d chime in:

its def. that you need some clean IPA, but I got a UV sterilizer from Amazon for about $70 (

This will help with small features or holes where resin can stick, also supports become a bit easier to snap off because the print never fully cures right after its is removed from the platform

As a follow up. The table lamp I have uses cfl bulbs. Something similar to this:

Is there a certain type of CFL that emits more UV than others? That info seems to be tough to find online.


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