UV Curing

I am doing some black resin components, but new to this. Due to lack of daylight hours the parts are being cured in a UV box.

The UV lamp is rated at 40w. Is it possible that this is too powerful, and will cook/warp the items. They are coming out slightly banana shaped.

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Try flipping/rotating your parts. Some of my black parts tend to warp in 1 direction. I think that that side is curing more, thus shrinking and causing warpage (is that a word??)

My original UV cure setup was 54 watts, and that only needed a few minutes to be mostly cured. How long are you putting them in for?

I am not doing the printing myself, but a friend is doing them for me. Will have to check how his box works.

Most of his stuff has been small objects, but mine is more of a long tray.

It sounds like uneven curing then, rather than over cooking.

Long flat stuff is always going to be tricky. You may benefit from applying some sort of UV blocking clear coat or paint after it cures to your desired amount.

I have also heard of people putting a stack of books or something on their parts for a few days to straighten that last bit out.

@Bob_Davies another important factor to eliminate warping is to minimize the time the part is exposed to the IPA during the cleaning process. Instead of the normal 12 minute process try getting it down to more like 1 - 2 minutes. This can be done by optionally using a toothbrush or your fingers to scrub the part during IPA cleaning, and optionally using a water cure to get rid of the remaining stickiness after the part has mostly cured.

Am getting another test run done and looking at each step more closely. Unfortunately, I am doing this remotely, The machine itself is quite some distance away from me.

Last prints were left to cure in natural sunlight. Washed in IPA for 5 minutes, before washing off with warm water. The supports were then removed, before leaving to cure.

I got that wrong. The supports were left on while it was left to cure in sunlight. The ends break away from the supports as it cures.

We are guessing that it needs more supports, so it cannot break away during the cure cycle.

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