Random Warped Print

This part is getting used as marketing material, so I have printed probably 4 or 5 batches of 6 parts at a time.
All parts have been printed in this orientation (same supports etc):

All parts were printed either in this orientation, or essentially with the whole platform rotated 90 degrees:

Out of the 25 or so parts, one cured into a Pringle!

All parts get cured in a UV cabinet for 20-30 minutes per side. Bulb rating is 8 watts. This part is probably a few weeks old and has been sitting on my desk. Most of the rest of the parts were probably sitting in a bag or something. What gives? Not enough cure time? Not enough power?
I am concerned that after i send these to customers/prospects the part is just going to shrivel up on their desk!

IPA will make the part warp. Try warm water and detergent and scrub the part with a soft natural hair chip brush.

I have been using an ultrasonic cleaner with a built in heater, lightly heating it so it is warm not hot and running it for just under 5 minutes then rinse under tap water.

I have a custom formulated cleaner a am using but looking at off the shelf alternatives.

Regular detergents might work but you may have to dilute them down so they work better.

So no IPA at all? just water/detergent? I am actually using a home built ultrasonic cleaner of sorts (similar to the Loafinator: Introducing the Loafinator :))

I haven’t verified this, but i’ve read a whitepaper once that claimed resin prints get more dimensionally inaccurate the longer they are in the laser-cured (“green”) state.

If true, the take-away message is - cure them as soon as possible.

At the same time, i’ve heard that rapid curing causes warping for some people, so who knows - might be dependent on the resin formulation.

Were you curing the parts while on supports or with the supports removed?

Generally I cure them with the supports on immediately after printing and washing. Sometimes these snap off though, as they are only supported on the edge.

Is there some sort of rough formula for the amount of cure time for a part.Like as an example: 5 minutes per millimeter of thickness when cured at 10 watts?

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