Cleaning the Form Wash

How (and how often) do you clean your Form Wash machines?
I’m fairly new to resin printing and got a used Form 2 with a Wash and a Cure machine about six weeks ago. There was also some washing solution included (the container said 90% IPA) since it got a little low after a few washes I refilled it with 99% IPA that I bought. I used that until yesterday.
I noticed that the mixer-thing on the bottom didn’t spin anymore and there were large white flakes swimming around in the bucket. After inspecting my prints there were these flakes all over the place and I wasn’t able to remove them because they were very waxy and just smeared basically ruining the prints.
So I decided to dispose the IPA yesterday because I thought it might be done (I don’t know how often it was already used before) and ordered some TPM (I wasn’t comfortable with that much flammable stuff around either).
But now I’m having a really hard time to get the Wash-bucket clean, there’s stuff at the walls that really has to be scraped off and the whole bottom is covered like 1mm thick with that waxy nasty stuff that can barely be removed. I spent an our trying to clean everything but it’s still messy a f.
Do you have any tips how to get it really clean again?
Also I found it a little strange that it happened suddenly with these nasty flakes flying around while working fine all the weeks before, is that normal?

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