Form Wash and Form Cure or another one?

I saw the new Form Wash and Form Cure, but I was wondering if those one are better than products from another house? I have the Form2 and I clean my prints with the Finish kit, but I wanted to know if those new products worth it… What makes them special?

Me and one other employee have done most of the 3-D print cleaning for years (we got on-board with FormLabs with the original Form1)…and to put it mildly…cleaning prints is a pain ! We got our Form-Wash about a week ago and couldn’t be happier with it. It works quickly, cleanly, saves time and workshop stickiness !

The only downside I can foresee is what to do with the used IPA. When we were cleaning by hand we had very little used/dirty IPA as most of it was thrown out with the paper towels used to clean and dry the prints. We did, of course, have some used IPA that we store in empty IPA jugs. Much of the resin would settle out and we would decant the “clean” IPA back into our cleaning bucket for further use.

So, now with the Form-Clean we have 2 gallons in the machine and we are unsure just what we will do with it when it needs changed. I have read on this forum that some expose it to UV rays and decant off the IPA once the resin has solidified (haven’t tried that method yet). The method that intrigues me is the distillation of the used IPA. I have read about that on the forum and have searched the net for alcohol distillers. They look promising but we’re not sure that our Safety Manager would be alright with that …?

I second everything TJFejka has said.