Any feedback about Form Wash and Cure?


I need first impressions about new Formlabs accessories. (Wash and Cure)
Somebody can give us its opinion ?

Thank you for your feedback :slight_smile:


I have had them for about a week each and am very happy. They are a big, though pricey improvement over the manual wash system and my homemade cure box.

The best part over my self made box is that Form Cure doe not start the UV light until it reaches the set temp for that material.

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I’ve had my Wash for about a month, and I just got my Cure in yesterday.

The Wash gets parts much cleaner than the old “two bucket” method, even with hand-agitation, etc. Also, the Wash cleans parts in 10 mins rather than the 20 recommended with the two buckets, and the less time parts spend in IPA the better (less warping, stronger, etc). The old two buckets were also incredibly messy: spill over, parts drip, etc. If you are working in an industrial space, then this may not matter to you. For me, drops and spills of alcohol-resin on the office floor was a constant problem. Overall, very happy with the Wash.

As for the Cure, if you are using resins other than the standard (clear/black/white/grey) or your parts are functional (not just for display), having some kind of heated UV curing system is essential. Even assuming you have the right UV light at sufficient power, parts are 50-100% stronger when cured at 60/80 degrees C. There are devices that do this other than the Cure, but I like the fact that it has the same design/form factor as the Wash and it seems solid and well built.

Overall, if you are using your Form 2 regularly, you probably should have a Wash & Cure to go along with it.

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Have had the wash for about a month.
We pre-wash in the old two container bath steps then finish with wash.
It works to clean the fine details well.

Speaking of pre-rinsing…

For Tough, i started doing two washes with Wash.
For one, because it’s way more viscous.
And second, because the parts had a lot of nooks, crannies and bolt holes.

First i wash for 15m with the supports still attached, then i leave it to dry, remove supports, leave it for a few hours, then wash again for 10m. This resulted in the least amount of stickyness and ooze from holes.

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my sentiments exactly. I have had my cure for about two weeks and wash for about a month. great compliments to the form2 and much less mess. It is a more seamless printing experience imho. I think the cost is warranted if you print weekly. I also do a pre wash in a separate bucket but have enjoyed shelving the dual bucket system that comes with the form2 (it was a mess to use)