Form2 washing machine and cure box

I saw lots of UV cure solutions but couldn’t find much on the washing side so I thought I would share my current solution. I really like the idea of the Form Wash but I couldn’t justify the price for my casual usage. So, I’ve been trying to make a nice IPA washing solution that (like the Form wash) would allow me to just drop the build platform in for cleaning to prevent needing to touch the platform or part before it’s been cleaned.

I searched all over for a container that would fit and settled on the Cambro 6QT (here:, then designed and printed out (on my Prusa i3) an adapter plate that would fit the container to the Form2’s build platform. Then I picked up a (larger) used magnetic stirrer on Ebay for agitating the IPA. The end result works very well.

Youtube video of it in action:
Adapter plate is shared on Thingiverse here:

If anyone knows of a good container that can fit the Form2 build platform like this but is a tad smaller, please share. The 4QT Cambro and many others I tried were always just a tad to small to fit.

Added a UV Cure solution that mimics the Form Cure:


Nice! How will the fdm printed part fait over tine in the ipa?

I used PLA, from which I could find online is not affected by IPA.

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nice work! Thanks for sharing.

Very cool. I’m looking for something similar. 600 seems like a lot to pay for a single nema and a fan. I’m liking your design, but really want the auto-lift after it’s done. I hope to work on it in the next few months.

Yes, I’ve given that some thought. I’m currently prototyping an Arduino based timer and display to my Cure box and then might try repurposing it to control some sort of lifter for my washer.


Here’s my UV cure solution now with Arduino based timer: