Is there a replacement tank for the Form Wash?

Reason I ask is I use my Form Wash quite a bit with 2 Form 2’s running lots of hours and the tank is slowly getting gummed up from resin. As it is full of IPA that won’t clean it and regular cleaning won’t scrub it out ether. So, sooner or later the tank will become useless. I can’t see replacing the entire machine when it would only be the tank that needs to be replace.

Any info on this?

I asked Formlabs about this when they started shipping the machine. The person I spoke with (some time back) said they didn’t have any replacements available yet but planned to sell them in the future.

In the meantime I suggest emptying the tank and using high-concentration ISO alcohol to thoroughly wash and scrub the inside as best you can. Hopefully you’ll be able to extend the lifetime until replacements are available.

If your tank becomes unusable I’d contact Support they might be able to send you a replacement under warranty.

Thanks. I’m already using 99.9% IPA and will start to distill that in a short time to recoup what I can from the used IPA.
I buy this from Walmart in 5 gallon units for $100. Can’t beat that price anywhere.