Formwash Tanks

In the setup video for the formwash, it is meanted that additional tanks are available. It would be ideal if I could have different tanks for use with certain resins, i.e. a tank for ceramic / colored resins / clear because different resins tend to sully the IPA in the tank. How do I purchase additional tanks for the unit?

I’ve wondered about replacing the tank because of the resin residue buildup. But found the other day that I can clean it up. So I’m going to buy a bottle brush or something similar with stiff close bristles and see if that will get most of the residue out. Be better than spending money on an addition tank as I only use one color of resin.

This is a great question! Looks like the replacement wash basins are not currently on our web store, but you can get in touch directly with the Formlabs sales team to purchase one.

I’ve solved my issue on the dirty Form Wash Tank. I purchased a Baby Bottle Brush at Meijer’s, regional type Walmart with a bit more upscale clientele.
It works great to clean the residue on the walls, floor and sculptured parts of the tank. Not a complete clean but far better than it was. Seeing I haven’t done this in about 3 years it needed it. A few more tank cleans and it should be in fairly good shape.
This is something Formlabs should include with the Form Wash Machine.