RE Cleaning IPA and FormWash deposits

So after using FormWash for a while, IPA is cloudy as hell…until ALL the resin deposits on the bottom of the tank, leaving a perfect, crystal clear IPA above it.

Which would be the optimal path to follow and clean only the dirtyness at the bottom? Perhaps some sort of suction pump like when cleaning a swimming pool? Ideas? hints?


Any1 else?

The simplest thing to do is to siphon the IPA to another clean container while leaving the last cm or so of dirty IPA and dispose of it. No need for pumps or things that gets broken by the IPA or the resin, just a flexible hose.

You mean not to use the included syphone that comes with the FormWash?

My bad, I didn’t know a siphon was included in with the Wash, I’m using the classic Cleaning Kit. I would definitely use the included siphon to transfer the clean IPA out, clean the Wash and put back the IPA.

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